11 Best Ideas for Your Morning Fitness You Never Realized

[by Katleen Brown]

While exercises are better performed in the morning, very few people like to wake up and head to the gym. However, starting your day by exercising can bring amazing results for the rest of the hours. Although your workout routine time may be determined by your schedule, working out in the morning is a sure way to keep on the right fitness track before clogging your day with work-related stress. It will also ensure that you create enough time to spend with your family or friends later in the evening.

Here are the best 11 ideas for your morning fitness you may not have realized:

1          Warm Up to Cool Down

Starting you day with a warm up exercise is a great way to put you in the right mood to face your daily challenges. Biking is one of the best ways to jumpstart your day and feel energized when performing regular tasks at work. Irrespective of the cold temperatures in the morning, get a little sweat by riding a bike over a small distance. You can also make it your commuting mode to work!

2          Set Two Alarms

The first alarm should signal that you have only a few minutes left to sleep before your usual wake up time. It’s the right time to start meditating before preparing your breakfast and putting on your exercise gear. According to Holly Rillinger, Flywheel Master Instructor and Nike Master Trainer, two alarms in the morning will help you to never skip exercising for fear of reporting late to work.

3          Prepare Night Before

Going to bed early will ensure that you have adequate time to exercise in the morning, according to Sandee Shin, a CrossFit Virtuosity athlete. By getting you exercise bag in order before going to bed, you will find no excuses to go for the morning run the next day. You will easily access your sporting gear and get on track in time. Do you really need more than 10 minutes to prepare?

4          Flip a Switch

Switching on the lights or putting your stereo player on when the alarm goes off will help you realize that there is no need of going back to sleep. It should happen before you grab a cup of your favorite morning beverage. You can also get moving while still listening to your favorite tunes.

5          Pre-order Breakfast

If you have to wake up early in the morning, consider pre-ordering healthy breakfast and have it delivered on time. You will realize that the wake-up call means to go and eat instead of hitting the road. You will get enough time to get moving before taking a shower and head to work or class.

6          Keep Alarm at a Distance

If you place an alarm near your bed, the chances are that you might hit the snooze button and return to sleep. Most people find it harder to wake up immediately after the alarm goes off. By keeping your alarm at a distance from your bed, you might not like the experience of getting out of your bed to go and put it off, but you will be awakened anyway!

7          Make Morning Exercise Habitual

One of the surest ways to ensure that engage physically in the morning is to make it a habit. Before setting the bigger goals, start with small ones that are achievable and make them habitual. You can be placing the alarm in your kitchen to ensure that you wake up on time to get moving. Gauge the benefits between spending hours at the desk and hitting the gym for a couple of minutes in the morning.

8          Abolish Excuses                                      

By preparing for a morning exercise the night before, you will find no excuses as to why you should not get moving. Even if you aren’t reporting to work for the day, it doesn’t mean you should postpone the usual time you exercise. Sticking to a morning routine is the key to remain on the right fitness track throughout. If the weather is unfriendly, try indoor workouts like rope jumping, jogging or pushups.

9          Treat Yourself

It’s not recommendable to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat anything because you are going to burn all the calories once you go to a gym or hit the road—running. Look for healthy pre-gym snacks to keep you motivated in waking up to exercise. A cup of coffee along with energy bites can be helpful when exercising in the morning.

10        Get Company

You can find an exercise partner who can’t let you down and is willing to help achieve your fitness goals. You can also join a group of committed friends or strangers to keep you motivated in waking up early in the morning to exercise. Alternatively, let your furry friend (your dog) keep you going on waking up.

11        Respect Your Exercise Routine

Any morning fitness routine is easier to stick with if you give it the respect it deserves. Scheduling your workout for the whole body will keep you moving if you don’t allow anything to get in the way. By recognizing the health benefits a fitness routine offer, you will accord it the respect it should get.


Working out in the morning is an ideal way to keep you on track towards your fitness goals. By utilizing these 11 morning fitness ideas, you will soon be smiling at the amazing benefits they can offer. They are simply tailored to help you get out of the bed and get moving.


Katleen BrownAuthor Bio:

Katleen Brown is a health and fitness writer. She is a long-time native from Ashburn, Virginia, USA, who loves to publish her articles on various health related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and write articles to bring awareness to the most recent health & beauty problems, and innovative remedies that can help save the lives of people while bringing down the costs of health care. She also works for social development on health-related topics. Get in touch with her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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2 Comments on 11 Best Ideas for Your Morning Fitness You Never Realized

  1. Hi Katleen

    I am an early bird so that the morning schedule will not be a problem. For some of night owls, they may need some of the encouragement. But just like you said, we can build into routine by taking small steps one day as a time.

    Scientific data indicate that the morning exercises do producing more benefits

    Nice post.
    – Stella

    • Hi Stella,

      Good to see you again and as always, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

      It’s been a bit hectic at work lately and so for me getting up early for my morning exercise has been a struggle. The idea of building a routine by taking small steps one day at a time sounds good yes – and even though it may take a longer time to see the results then it is still worth the try.

      I agree morning exercises do produce more benefits and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

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