You Are Precious In The Eyes Of God

You Are Precious In The Eyes Of God

It was a very special moment for me as I babysat my little grandson yesterday Saturday January 30th. What made it special was his level of intelligence, the way in which he engaged me in conversation and how he kept my attention for the entire period.

As I did work around the house, curiosity got the better of him and like most kids his age he asked lots of questions. He even wanted to help me with the gardening and the sweeping.

In between time, he was also looking at his iPod but then the battery for his iPod died and he could no longer watch cartoons on the Youtube channel. I had no battery charger for his device at my home and his parents were miles away.

As I looked into his eyes, not only did I see the disappointment on his face but in the midst of that, I could not help but think how precious a child he is. He is my first born grandson and that in itself is a precious gift.

He is the first of the start of a brand new generation in our family and no one else can take that position from him. He has a special place in my heart.

Once his iPod battery died, I felt a sense of obligation to give him my notebook laptop to continue to look at his cartoons. I asked him, “would you like to look at Peppa Pig?” He said, “no granny, I want to watch Octonauts.”

In my mind, I began to ponder what on earth was this kid talking about. Lol! 🙂

Three times I had to ask him “what did you say?” Each time he reaffirmed, “Octonauts.” Now, in case you don’t yet know, I am old school and the truth is I had no idea what my grandson was referring to.

Lol! 🙂

It was only after I pulled up Youtube and did a search that I found what he meant. Did I mention my grandson is just 3 years old? Well who said a little child cannot teach us adults things we never knew? Sure enough he did.

Once he had settled down to watch Octonauts, I turned my attention to read the word from the Bible and learned an even more important lesson from Psalm 116:15 that says,

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.”

You-Are Precious In The Eyes Of God

It suddenly dawned on me from this word that God used the situation with the death of the battery for my grandson’s iPod, to teach me a very important lesson on death and how precious we all are in His sight.

Even though it was just an iPod battery, death was involved. And when disappointment comes our way and our hearts get painful and sad, that is likened unto death. Our hearts become broken and there are setbacks in our lives.

When we are disconnected from the power source [God] and even if it’s for a moment that we have no way of recharging, reviving and refreshing our lives, we are in a state of death.

When we go through afflictions, trials, temptations, tests, sickness, loss of a family member or friend that pulls us down into sadness, despair and hopelessness, we are going through what is called the valley of the shadow of death.

But as believers, even though we may not feel Him, and we can’t trace Him or even understand what He is doing, if we only continue to hold on to God’s unchanging hands, through faith we can look at our loss as great gain as the Lord shows up in perfect time and make a way for us and provide for us in a way we had never imagined.

My Main Takeaways from Reading Psalm 116

The Psalmist David made good on God’s promises.

He had a great affection for the Lord. He loved the Lord with his whole heart and the Lord loved him even more. He was at the point of death more times than can be counted but never once did he give up on God that He would not come through for him.

Whatever trouble David got himself into, he knew that he could call upon the Lord who not only answered him but delivered him out of all his troubles. (v 4-6)

He comforted his soul into silent rest and trusted the Lord for His continued presence to keep him safe from harm and danger, seen or unseen. (v7)

No matter what state David found himself in, nothing could keep him from making his vows [of praise, worship, prayer, thanksgiving…] unto the Lord before His people. (v8-14)

God had delivered him from death, kept his eyes from shedding tears, and his feet from stumbling.

David’s confidence in the Lord was beyond anyone’s imagination and neither did he keep it as a secret. He realized the value God placed on His people that even in times of death on this earth [physical or spiritual] that we are all precious in the eyes of God. (v15)

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2 Comments on You Are Precious In The Eyes Of God

  1. Hi Yvonne

    Powerful post and I could relate with it so well.

    I can imagine how your grandson felt when his iPhone went flat.

    Yeah! Sometimes we get to a point where we feel that God is far from us. I use to experience this too but thank God for his word that reassures me that he loves me.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Hi Ikechi

      Great to see you again. One of the joys of writing is when you realize that what you wrote about is relatable like it did for you.

      Yes I saw the look on my grandson’s face and immediately know that his heart sunk. It is just that way with our Heavenly Father but He has a way of reassuring us that everything will work for our good. He expresses His love to each one of us in so many ways. Being able to experience His love has much to do with our personal relationship with Him.

      So glad to hear that you are positioned to experience His unconditional love through His word. Have a great weekend. Be sure to get some rest as well. 🙂

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