How To Become A Great Leader – 10 Management Tips

how to become a leader

The greatest model of a true leader is one who has a heart to serve the people that they lead. Additionally, if he wants to succeed at being a great leader, he must lead with a passion.

Of course one cannot overlook the fact that the Bible is filled with many truths of how to become a great leader but in today’s post I will share 10 tiny habits for leaders and aspiring leaders that will not only help you to become great but successful.

1.Keep the lines of communication open – Get into the habit of sharing information. Communicate the news with those you lead that yes you can get the job done. By doing that you reduce the chance of minds wandering all over the place thinking about what is going on.

2. Say thank you – Everyone wants to feel appreciated and to know that they really matter. You can show your appreciation in many ways. A simple ‘thank you’ note doesn’t cost a thing and it is one of the things that makes a huge difference in someone else’s life.

3. You empower others through delegation – When you delegate, you empower others. Yes, you can do the job extremely well and sure enough, no one can do it as well as you can but by delegating, you are giving yourself time to work on completing other tasks and responsibilities that are more suitable for your level of seniority in the organization.

4. Be willing to modify your style – This is absolutely necessary because while you may have different communication styles, remember there are varying personalities on your team. Different management and leadership styles would be needed for different team members. Don’t just assume it’s okay to manage everyone the same way.

5. Set small but smart milestones – The same way you set smart goals, you also set milestones that are realistic and can be reached. Avoid setting milestones that are unrealistic and that you know from the get go that would be impossible to achieve.

6. Leave room to have some fun – Make time, at least ten minutes where you can interact with your staff and have fun with them. This is a way that you can boost staff morale, increase their level of confidence and increase productivity.

7. Get rid of the red tapes – Wherever there is bureaucracy, creativity and innovation are suffocated. By all means obstacles must be removed. Additionally, you can save time and cut back on all the paper work by flattening the structure a bit and cutting bureaucracy out of the workplace.

8. Always give feedback – Giving feedback to members of your team/direct report is critical in making them as productive as possible. It’s a huge turn off for employees when they are kept in the dark on their performance. The more you give feedback, the sooner one can take corrective action.

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9. Put in extra hours – You raise your hands and put in extra hours at work. When people see you doing that they are motivated and inspired to follow your lead and to do the same.

10. Use the old 80-20 principle – This principle work wonders when applied.  It is when you focus the majority of your time and attention on the 20% of the people and projects that bring about 80% of your results.


What other management tips would you like to see added to this list that will make one into a great leader?

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