7 Steps To Upgrade Your Persuasion Skills To the Master Level

upgrade your persuasion skills

Have you ever felt dumb, just after a conversation?

Remember how strong arguments came when the talk was over? Nastily, right? I should say so!

You try to keep calm and are going to prepare for the next opportunity… Bump!

It happens now.

All of a sudden.

As always.

So, instead of keeping the audience, you keep failing. Over and over.

You can’t persuade people and make them agree with you.

Your palms are sweating, and tic is your permanent satellite.

Soon you start thinking there is no way anyone accepts your opinion.

Stop it.

Enough self-pity.

There is always a way out. Start practicing and you will definitely find it.

Here are 7 Steps to Upgrade Your Persuasion Skills

Step I. Make all your conversations personal.

Frankness, everydayness and unpretentiousness work.

If you have something in common with your companion, mention it. Any detail.

Are you both ailurophiles? Great! Tell how your cat wakes you up or how adorable these creatures could be.

It doesn’t matter, what the conversation topic is. Use people’s emotions and affections as a weapon.

Appeal to their values. Children, family, achievements they are proud of. Talk about it. Show your concernment.

We like to know that we are similar, despite majority say they don’t.

So, give the audience what they need.

Speak to the one person at once. Do not dissipate your attention, give it in batches.

Create connections. Implicate your audience into the conversation. Ask them questions.


Step II. Repeat.

Funny thing, our brain doesn’t want to work much. A majority of processes it manages implements automatically.

It tends to accept the information as truth if it was repeated a few times.

Remember, how Joey Tribbiani said about Chandler’s third nipple, which he called nubbin, “You see something, you hear a word. I thought that was it.

Here is the same.

Repeat your words. Use different expressions. Bring various arguments. But keep your ground.


Step III. Cite.

Emphasize you are not the only one who thinks so. Mention competent people in the area.

Exemplify the experience of a competent organization or progressive countries.

Suggest it is a time challenge, last trends, etc.

Sure, we say public opinion doesn’t impact us. We lie. Everyone.

In fact, it has a huge influence on our decisions.

Refer to research. Show your interest and conversance.


Step IV. Use proper words.

Drop the “I” sentences, prefer “You” ones instead.

Fetch your companion out, show his or her views are more important, He or She is more important.

Give your audience a chance to feel significant.

It has nothing in common with flattery. No way.

It is about setting the right direction of the conversation, being attentive and respectful.

Take the simple sentences.

Don’t overload your speech with professional words, or slang words. Try to sound casual.

Don’t abuse “I think” phrases. All you say should sound as absolute truth. And the words “guess”, “suppose” impugn the verity of your statements.

Don’t give your audience the rise to doubt.


Step V. Listen.

If you want to persuade people, listen to them first. It is the base for your further speech and arguments.

You need to know their thoughts. Listen to them carefully, catch  every little detail.

Moreover, listening to your companion you could find out he or she already agrees with you in general. And there are just some secondary points you need to take care of.

By listening you show your companion respect and obeisance. And that is what makes him or her feel powerful, and so favorable.


Step VI. Be flexible.

Feel your audience. Adapt to their type of communication. Don’t use one method for anyone.

When you want to explain something to the kid, you need to squat, so your eyes are in one line, and then you start talking. This move equates you, a child doesn’t feel your excellence and accepts your point of view much easier.

The same trick works with adults. But instead of squatting you use appropriate words (for instance, youth’ slang speaking with teenagers, clear and simple language speaking with seniors), give adequate examples, etc.


Step VII. Make use of the body language.

Pay attention to your non-verbal communication skills. They could be helpful as much as harmful.

Learn to control them.

During the conversation, the straight posture helps you to show your assuredness. Stand firm. But don’t exert yourself.

Relax your neck and hands. It shows you believe in your words, you are honest and positive.

Act as always. Don’t force yourself to do things you are not used to doing.

Nevertheless, avoid apparently jumpy moves, like touching your face, incongruous snicker, etc.

Work on the leveling, if it is too hard to liquidate them completely.


Though these tricks work, they will not make you an excellent speaker just like that. At once.

Nothing will.

But it worth to try.

Have patience and go up.

Step by step. For the future success. To change something. Your life, probably.

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kate-mauriceKate Maurice is a freelance copywriter, the creator of online project, who is interested in educational problems in modern society and self-improvement techniques. Kate is a typical introvert. You probably find her in a cozy coffee house reading a book or watching people passing by outside.
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