30 Quotes About Happiness

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Yet again we find ourselves in the Christmas season. It’s a season of joy and happiness.

In today’s post, I would like to share some quotes about happiness. I hope they will help you find happiness, not only in this season but far beyond.

30 Quotes about Happiness

  1. All a person needs to be happy in life, is something to do, something that you can trust in and someone to love. ~ Joseph Addison
  2. True happiness springs in the first place from the enjoyment of yourself, and in the second place from the friendship and conversation of a select group of partners. ~ Joseph Addison
  3. Those who do not always yearn to be happier are the happiest people. ~ W.R. Alger
  4. Happiness consists of three things: someone to love, work to do and a clean conscience. ~ Anonymous
  5. Happiness comes from the heart and does not depend on circumstances. ~ Anonymous
  6. True happiness comes from knowing that we have a task that needs to be done in the world. ~ Anonymous
  7. A happy man learned that happiness consists of so many acts that there will always be some part missing, but that part he forgets so that he can enjoy what he has. ~ Anonymous
  8. One way to make people happy is to leave them alone. ~ Anonymous
  9. Do not spoil your own happiness by comparing it with someone else’s happiness. ~ Anonymous
  10. It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy what makes us happy. ~ Anonymous
  11. Happiness is something that happens to us as we make other people happy. ~ Anonymous
  12. In our pursuit of happiness, it is sometimes good to just pause for a moment and just be happy. ~ Guillaume Apollinaire
  13. It may be your happiest day on earth when you become not so important to yourself anymore. You become two people, and one is laughing a little over the stupid things that the other one is doing. ~ Hennie Aucamp
  14. Happiness is inside you. Do not just pay attention to external events – pay attention to yourself. If you fought against it so far, now is the time to open the door to happiness that you have kept locked in your ignorance. ~ Marcelle Auclair
  15. As a violinist needs to tune his instrument frequently during a concert, you often have to adjust yourself to the correct frequency for happiness. ~ Marcelle Auclair
  16. The heart of man is still looking for lasting happiness. You, Lord, You have created us for yourself, and our hearts remain restless until we find rest in Thee. ~ Augustine
  17. Where your joy is, there is your treasure; where your treasure is, there is your heart; where your heart is, there is your happiness. ~ Augustine
  18. Very little is needed for a happy life. It’s all in yourself, in the way you think. ~ Marcus Aurelius
  19. He, who finds his joy in the joy of someone else, discovered the secret of true happiness. ~ George Baranos
  20. The secret of happiness is not doing what you want to do but to love what you do. ~ James M. Barrie
  21. If you ever find happiness by looking for it, you will find it like the old lady who was looking for her glasses, safely on her nose. ~ Josh Billings
  22. Happiness does not depend on what we do, but who we are. ~ C. Blake
  23. To be happy you have to let go of the words “if only” and rather replace them with the words “next time”. ~ Smiley Blanton
  24. The only way to live a happy life is on a day-to-day basis. ~ Margaret Bonano
  25. Do not think I’m unhappy. What is happiness or unhappiness? It has so little to do with circumstances. Happiness is about what is happening inside of you. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  26. Happiness never comes via your bank account. Happiness is not born in a laboratory. Happiness is not the result of the press of a button. ~ Phil Bosmans
  27. Happiness is like a shadow: it follows you when you don’t think about it. Happiness is like an echo in the depths of your heart: it answers you when you give of yourself. ~ Phil Bosmans
  28. Will you ever be happy if you always expect something from someone else? ~ Phil Bosmans
  29. Are you happy? Really in your heart happy? Then do not keep it to yourself, share it with others. Otherwise, it gets lost. ~ Phil Bosmans
  30. I wish you unlimited happiness. With happiness, I do not mean the kind of happiness you find when you exclude the world. Or what you have left after you’ve given up on your dream for the sake of comfort. I wish you the happiness of something done to the best of your ability; the happiness of the risk of trying; the risk of giving; the risk of loving. ~ Antionette Brink

Happiness Is Essential To Living Your Best Life

Happiness is essential to living your best life. Without happiness, there will always be something missing. Read this great article by Yvonne Wilson for some practical advice on: “How To Find Happiness and Live Your Best Life”.

I wish you unlimited happiness, not only for this season but far beyond.

The above quotes are a collection from the book “Die Groot Boek van Christelike Aanhalings” (The Great Book of Christian Quotes) compiled by Nina Smit.

Quotes translated into English by Jaco Alberts.

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