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I had the pleasure of speaking with Pastor Ava Baird, the President of Aglow International, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Ava, as she is affectionately known among her piers, is a powerful woman of God that successfully navigates the spiritual realm with precision and accuracy, as well as the natural realm. Of the many other accolades that she holds, she is the Co-Pastor of the Deeper Life Ministry in Tortola. She delights in true worship and is blessed with three ministry gifts: Evangelism, Prophecy and Counselling. She has a great love and compassion for hurting women and is the Author of her first book, “True Worshipers…Armed And Dangerous.

Tell us about Aglow International –

To God be the glory great things He has done! It is with great inexplicable joy that I share with you today, as the President of Aglow International – Tortola, of the glory of the Lord in His manifested power with salvation, healing and deliverance all around the world.

Aglow International is a trans-denominational organization of Christian women and men that some Christian leaders call a “global movement,” and has been in existence since 1967 beginning with just four women who expressed a desire to meet together as Christians without denominational boundaries. Aglow International has since been established in over 172 nations. An estimated 200,000 men and women meet in Aglow local fellowship throughout the world every month. An estimated 17 million individuals each year are ministered to through Aglow groups. Aglow has experienced rapid growth in the past several years, including the nations of Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

What would you say is the main focus of Aglow International?

Aglow consists of small group studies, care (support) groups, retreats, and annual conferences. Aglow workers, through prayer and evangelism, offer practical gifts of clothing, food, housecleaning, babysitting, as well as mentoring young people and being an encouragement to all ages.

Aglow groups impact their communities by reaching out to those in prison, in senior citizens homes, inner city neighbourhoods, and mental institutions; to single moms, working men and women, all beginning with the next door neighbour.

Tell us, what is the mission of Aglow International?

Our mission is to help restore and mobilize women and men around the world. We promote gender reconciliation in the Body of Christ as God designed and also amplify awareness of global concerns from Biblical perspective.

With such an impact, Aglow International has set the pace for men and women finding their true identity in Christ. Without knowing who you are and whose you are leaves a void in your life. A void creates a hunger in the spirit of man that only the presence of God can fill. Without the presence of God in one’s life, such a one exist without a purpose. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose. Thus, men and women cannot go to the next level in life, in pursuit of their true God given purpose, without first knowing  who they are. Aglow points men and women in the direction of purpose, which gives everyone a reason to live.

What immediate plans do you have in mind for Aglow International to ensure that the mission is being accomplished?

 Aglow International hosts an annual conference which enhances spiritual growth and maturity. Last year (2011) conference was held in Houston, Texas, USA. This year’s conference will be held in the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua from 25th – 27th October 2012. Our local Aglow Anniversary Conference, will be held right here in beautiful Nature’s Little Secret – Tortola, British Virgin Islands on July 14th 2012 at the BVI Red Cross conference room in Road Town under the theme: “The Glo’ry Of The King.”. 

Can you share with us the names of the speakers? 

We would be having three (3) dynamic speakers for the day: Minister Carthy Ann Tittle, Minister Marion Turnbull and area President of St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands Aglow – Minister Doris Small.

What are your final words on this upcoming event?

The Conference commences 9 am EST with registration and continues with a power packed program and ends at 3:00 pm. A special invitation is extended to all to make Aglow International a place where you would want to be a part of. There is a group in almost every country. Aglow International – Tortola meet on the fourth (4) Saturday of each month at the Elmore Stout High School starting at 3pm. All are invited to attend. Be blessed as Aglow helps you find your true purpose in God.

Pastor Ava Baird
President, Aglow International – Tortola

For more on Pastor Ava Baird, find her on Facebook Copies of her book “True Worshipers Armed And Dangerous” can be found on amazon

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