9 Reasons Why Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

The quest for knowledge is among the most sought after thing in the world today whether through the reading of books, magazines, television, social media, research and experiments, just to mention a few.

How many though would exert that same level of enthusiasm or energy in their effort to get wisdom? It is good to have knowledge yes, because that is the will of God for our lives yet it is more profitable when we explore every opportunity afforded us to get wisdom.

There was one who had such an opportunity. His name was Solomon. He was the son of David and was an extremely rich man. [2 Chronicles 1:14-17] He established himself securely over all his kingdom and the bible said the Lord his God was with him and made him exceeding great.

He ruled over Israel and the favor of God was much upon him. In 2 Chronicles 1: 7 we read how on the night when God appeared to him, Solomon was given the chance to ask God for even more blessings and favor upon his life.

Solomon’s Choice Words

He was told by the Lord God, “Ask what I shall give to you.” 2 Chronicles 1:7

Now you’re probably thinking if that was you, you would ask God for trillions of dollars – somewhat like the jackpot, right? That way you can buy whatever you want in this life.

Quite naturally, one would think that here is a man who is already ‘filthy’ rich and given this once in a lifetime chance, he would ask God for more riches, possessions, honor, personal glory, long life or perhaps even ask for the life of all his haters.

But instead Solomon said to God, “You have shown me great lovingkindness and mercy to my father David, and have made me king in his place. Now, O Lord God, your promise to my father David is fulfilled, for You have made me king over a people as numerous as the dust of the earth. Give me wisdom and knowledge, so that I may go out and come in [performing my duties] before this people, for [otherwise] who can rule and administer justice to this great people of yours?” 2 Chronicles 1:8-10 AMP

The bible says that God was so pleased with Solomon’s prayer request that not only did He grant him the desire of his heart for wisdom and knowledge, God gave him far more riches and possessions that surpassed all of the wealth and riches of others.

“Wisdom and knowledge have been granted you. I will also give you riches, possessions, and honor, such as noe of the kings who were before you has possessed nor will those who will come after you.” [2 Chronicles 1:12]


Why Wisdom Is the Principal Thing

In the book of Proverbs 4:7 ASV it says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; Yea, with all thy getting get understanding.”

It is interesting to note that the author of the book of Proverbs is the man Solomon himself! The invitation that he gives is for his children to come and receive instructions from him. [Proverbs 4:1-2

Solomon desired that his children would grow up to have wisdom and knowledge in the same proportion as he himself had been gifted by God. Wisdom is preeminent and we must desire to attain it in a very skilfull and godly manner.

God gives it liberally when we ask of Him. The writer of James says, “If any man lacks wisdom, [to guide him through a decision or circumstance] let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally [freely] and upbraideth not [without rebuke or blame]; and it shall be given him.” ~ James 1:5 KJV

Along with wisdom it is our duty to also get understanding – to actively seek spiritual discernment, mature comprehension and logical interpretation that can come to us only through the word of God. Here are 8 things that we all need wisdom for –

  1. Wisdom to know and to love God first/foremost and have a relationship with Him (Genesis 1:26-27; Deuteronomy 6:5)
  2. Wisdom to discern truth (John 8:32)
  3. Wisdom to do God’s will (Romans 12:2)
  4. Wisdom is the key that unlocks the vault of God’s treasures (Colossians 2:3)
  5. Wisdom to know what to say and when to say it (James 1:5)
  6. Wisdom to raise your children and keep them on the right path (Proverbs 22:6)
  7. Wisdom to administer justice (2 Chronicles 1:10)
  8. Wisdom to solve problems (Proverbs 3:5)
  9. Wisdom to make the right choices and decisions (Proverbs 11:14)

Over to you

Was this post enlightening? Can you think of anything else that we need wisdom to do that you would love to see added to this list? What is holding you back from being at the place where God wants you to be?

Please leave us a comment below.

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About Yvonne I. Wilson (774 Articles)
Yvonne is a positive thinker, a catalyst for change, and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny is fulfilled. Her ministry through her blog, Empowerment Moments, came at a very low point in her life and was born out of much adversity, persecution, physical abuses, and rejection to the point of her being suicidal. She was left feeling defeated and shrunk back by fear. But through some miraculous means, God has given her pain purpose and a unique voice through which He speaks to touch the untouchable, to reach the unreachable and to empower, inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift the hurting and spiritually wounded to bring about healing and wholeness - mind, body, soul and spirit, one person at a time.

1 Comment on 9 Reasons Why Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

  1. Ola I. Godwin // May 20, 2017 at 2:51 am // Reply

    Wisdom promotes, honors and establishes a man in God’s glory(prov 4:8). Our ways are preserved and directed by it. And for a man to acquire this, he is to fear God in all his ways because God is the author of wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

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