40 Beautiful and Meaningful Affirmations To Boost Your Day

Beautiful and Meaningful Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to strengthen and to help us to believe in our God-given potential! That starts with the practice of verbalizing our thoughts, our dreams and ambitions. Eventually we begin to feel empowered, our confidence level increases and we have a deep sense of reassurance that everything we envision will, sooner rather than later, become our reality.

While it is true that we want our reality to be filled with all good such as the things that are lovely, peaceable, noble, just, pure, praise worthy, and of a good report, it behoof us to repel the negative energy that often comes our way and to purge our spirit of things such as anger, un-forgiveness, disappointments, fear and doubt.

It doesn’t matter what your life circumstances are today, you deserve happiness, joy and peace in your life. Here are 40 beautiful and meaningful affirmations that will give you a boost this and everyday:-

21 Morning affirmations to start your day

  1. I am alive, whole and active
  2. I command my day by taking every negative thought into captivity so that God’s thoughts flow through me
  3. I am beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made
  4. I love the way God created me. I am beautiful and I am whole
  5. Today I have unlimited possibilities and I can do all things through Christ
  6. I chose the contents of my day and that includes the words I speak
  7. I am overflowing with positive energy and great joy
  8. I speak words of power to the forces of darkness and command my blessings to be released right now
  9. I have the peace of God in my mind, soul and spirit
  10. I radiate God’s beauty and His grace. My presence brings calm and peace to every storm
  11. Today I utilize my talents and gifts to bring forth abundance in my life
  12. God’s river of love runs through me to replace anger and un-forgiveness
  13. I channel God’s light through my being to remove darkness
  14. I have creative energy that works in my favor and brings success to me
  15. I have the mind of Christ to do great exploits in the earth again today
  16. Wherever I go today, people will take notice because they see greatness on the inside of me
  17. The universe is cooperating with my dreams and vision to bring me the desired successful outcome
  18. Because of Christ I am a force to be reckoned with and I am indestructible
  19. I am a Kingdom Ambassador and whatever I decree, orchestrate and legislate as king shall be established
  20. (For singles) I celebrate and honor my singleness. I wait on God’s perfect timing  for my partner to come into my life
  21. (For those married) My love for my spouse and my spouse’ love for me is stronger than ever. My marriage is more stable each day and we respect and honor each other.

9 Affirmation for when you arrive to work

  1. I am overflowing with excitement, witty inventions and new strategies for my business
  2. Today I am doing away with old habits and negative cycles and I take up new, positive ones
  3. Many people look up to me, admire and respect me and they see my value in my workplace
  4. My contributions will cause the business to make money and not lose money
  5. Today I prioritize, structure and organize my work so that productivity increases
  6. I am focused and goal oriented
  7. I value and respect my co-workers and their contributions
  8. (For business owners) My business is profitable, there is growth and expansion
  9. (For the unemployed) I have solutions, ideas and inventions and I deserve to be employed and be paid well for my contributions. Today I will receive a call for the job I have prayed for.

10 Affirmations to end your day

  1. I am at peace with God and myself with all that transpired today
  2. I am eternally grateful to God, my family, friends and associates
  3. My spirit of gratitude attracts fullness and God’s favor
  4. I forgive those who did wrong to me today. I detach them from my spirit and receive the peace of God
  5. I have the ability to conquer new challenges that come my way
  6. I rejoice in the love I encountered today.
  7. I rejoice in my trials and tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings perseverance in my life
  8. I acknowledge that every step I take each day are ordered by God
  9. Every obstacle I faced today are moving out of my way; the path to greatness is my everlasting portion
  10. I face tomorrow with confidence and with the knowledge that all my fears are replaced by faith in God

Final thoughts:

It is my hope that these affirmations were a blessing to you. If you have more affirmations to share on how to boost your day, share them below in comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your family, friends and followers.

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